Making Long Trip with Little Ones Enjoyable

Friday, March 15, 2013

We just came back from a trip to visit the grandparents in Indonesia. The trip takes about 25 hours, including transit, one way. This is our third time taking this long trip after we have kids but my first trip without having to nurse a baby. We learned what help making long trip with kids more enjoyable {or at least more bearable}:

1. Mind your expectation in other words set a low expectation and be prepare. We expect that they will be restless, excited, curious, and have trouble sleeping. Wesley is a very light sleeper so before the trip I asked his pediatrician advise if there is anything I can do or give him to help him sleep better during the trip. We also chose the airplane with the least number of transit.

2. Be flexible
The kids are adjusting to the new surrounding too. We don't force the normal bed time or rules during the trip. For instance, we let the kids have longer screen or play time and give them more snacks than they usually get when they are at home.

3. Bring the kids' favorite things. Buying these $10 each bag turned out to be a good decision. Max and Wes love pulling them around, making them feel like big persons having to carry their own stuff. We rarely use the stroller during this trip unless one of them asleep because they love pulling the bag so much.

I label the bag that way we don't get confuse which one belong to who.

We filled the bags with their favorite things: loveys {see Wes' big dog below}, toys, books, crayon, stickers - not too much, just enough to keep them busy.

4. Wear comfortable footwear. We love our Crocs. :)

5. Take care of yourself. Get as much rest as possible. Sleep when the kids sleep.

We made a fort with the airplane's blanket or my scarf that way the kids still can sleep comfortably even though the airplane light was on.

6. Then only after you get enough sleep; it's okay to watch

or read. Choose the books you want to read before the trip.

7. We chose the seat where the hand rest can be pulled up that way the kids can sleep more comfortably. We intentionally didn't ask to be sited at the front of the row, where the airline provides the baby bassinet because of this very reason.

8. One of the best advise that my friend gave me before the trip was: make sure I have snacks or food available at all times in case they are hungry, fuzzy, or don't like the airplane's food. I also bring some gummies for them to chew on during the take off and landing to help relieve the air pressure.

9. Bring bottle waters. I brought two bottles one for Wesley' milk, another one for water. I also brought the bottle cleaner so that I can wash the bottles during the trip. The airplane provides water and milk.

10. Prepare extra clothes. So thankful that I no longer have an infant during these trip. I remember having to change Wesley's clothes so many times due to spit up and blow up on previous trip when he was only 5 months old. This time, both boys managed to keep their clothes clean so I don't have to use their changing clothes. Also bring socks and jackets preferably with with hoods because the airplane AC can be cold.

11. We also purchased some disposable bibs from Amazon before the trip, which proven to be clothes saver. Don't forget to bring baby wipes to clean up their mess.

12. Whenever possible, during transit or lay over, let them walk or run loose to get their energy out

I think that's all from me. Feel free to write in the comment if you have anything else to add to the list.


  1. Kiki, thanks for posting this. It is very useful for me that I will be travelling to indo by the end of this week.


  2. Good grace on your trip. Glad it can be useful.