Visiting Taman Safari Indonesia

Friday, June 21, 2013

I had been wanting to bring the kids to Taman Safari Indonesia ever since I read my friend Astrid's blog posts on the park. We got to visit the park twice when we went back two years ago and a few months back. We love love love Taman Safari. It is way cheaper and better {in our humble opinion} compare to the expensive Singapore Night Safari, which we visited earlier. Taman Safari entrance cost was 150,000 Indonesian Rupiah or about 15 US $ per person. If I remember it correctly it already includes the cost for rides too.
We were greeted by many of cute elephants

Where else can you see animals this close:

and feed them carrot that we bought earlier before we entered the park:

I think he says, "Thank You!"

And this one say, "Moo"

I didn't know the Zebra hair are the same pattern as the body. God is truly a Master Artist.

nursing mama and babe:

Then we enter the part where we can't open the window for obvious reason:

my favorite:

Translation: Don't make too much noise, run, or disturb the animals
I forgot the name of this bird got to look at Max's animal books

Can't you spot the baby?

I am not a fan of snakes but I like the pictures that Chris took:

For $2 you can ride on horse, camel, or


For $1 you can to take picture with tiger, lion, or Orang Utan.
I told Chris he should make this his profile picture:

Shows Schedule:

We were waiting for the elephants show and fascinated with the fact that they were potty trained. One by one does this before the show began:

Do you know that elephant pregnancy last for 22 months?

And the best part of the trip was the fact that we got to spend time with our lovely family

There are lots of ride too but my boys are not big fan of rides so we skip that part

Some tips:
1. Unlike the majority part of Indonesia, it's quite cold there - about 70 degree Fahrenheit. My friend who were visiting from the US protested that we forgot to tell her that so let me write it in bold: bring jacket or extra layer of cloth.
2. Bring umbrella or rain coat if you go during rainy season. We were soaking wet on our 2nd visit. Thankfully we brought extra clothes.
3. Bring small change to buy some carrots on the way to the park to feed the animals or rides the animals.
4. Give yourself a whole day if possible. If you bring small kids and they are crazy about animals like mine you may want to spend two days there just take your time, drive slowly, eat then take a nap at the hotel. Go back the next day to take picture with the animals, watching the shows, or trying on the rides.

Taman Safari @ Bogor website:
The place where we stayed was: Royal Safari Garden ask for the newer room or building. You can check out the room first before you pay/ book the hotel.



  1. GREAT PHOTOS!!! and totally agree that Chris should make that photo his profile photo!!

    I've only been to Taman Safari ONCE...should certainly go visit it again the next I go back to Jakarta!

    1. Thank you! It's good indeed. I heard the one at East of Java is good too