How we live during kitchen renovation

Saturday, July 27, 2013

I used to wonder how people live when part of their house is being renovated. Well, I no longer wonder now that we went through it ourselves. Thankfully, our kitchen renovation only lasted for 8 days {the heavy duty part}. Except during demolition, when the dust and noise was too much to bear, we managed to cook and stay happily in the house. We will share the "after" picture later. Meanwhile enjoy these "during" pictures:

What we did before and during the renovation:
1. Pack most of the food in the pantry and non essential kitchen tools and store them in the garage. It's perfect time to clean up/ purge the old stuff in our cabinet too.

2. Move the dining set, refrigerator, and essential kitchen tools to our living area.

3. Cover the opening to the kitchen with old bed sheet and curtain. Even so the dust still managed to travel to the main areas and since some of us have asthma, we ended up purchasing an air cleaner.

4. Pack away any decoration/ frames/ accessories in the living room to make room for our eating utensils and kitchen tools.  
5. Place toaster and portable butane gas range at the front patio and use them to cook or bake:

We also make use the most hardworking appliance in our kitchen: slow cooker. We eat soup all the time so it's rare to see it empty.

6. Wonder how we clean the dirty dishes? We washed them inside the bathroom sink.

7. In case you are wondering how the kids handle the renovation, they handled it just fine. I think as long as we, the parents, keep our heads cool and enjoy the process, they will do the same too:

8. This is the most important part in my humble opinion: we baked cookies to give to our next door neighbors plus short letter apologizing for the loud noises and the dust. We also let them know how long the renovation will last.

So that's how it works for us. Feel free to comment if you have anything to add. :)