Calistoga Anniversary Trip

Monday, August 19, 2013

We went to Calistoga/ Napa area for our first wedding anniversary and really enjoyed the place so we decided to go back there to celebrate our 11th anniversary. It is very rare that we got to spend the day just the two of us so we treasure every minute.

a. First stop: lunch at Palisades Deli and Cafe

b. Biking
I always want to try an electric bike so we rented one from Calistoga Bike Shop that way I can keep up with hubby on his road bike. 
Soaking up the beautiful scenery along the way: 
d. We were planning to enjoy a mud bath {we went there 10 years ago and love the experience} unfortunately my monthly uninvited guest arrived the day before so we settled for a much less expensive option: coffee ice cream & iced coffee at a little coffee shop. :)
e. We didn't make any dinner reservation earlier because we weren't sure if we have enough time but since we couldn't go to mud bath we ended up having time to have dinner at Mustards Grill. Being  cheapo frugal, we skipped appetizer, wine, and dessert and solely ordered the main course:
The steak was very good but the salsa fish was just okay IMHO

Interesting places to visit and restaurants to try next time: 

Thank God for one fine day and a great man whom I got to spend my life with.  

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  1. Nice pictures, Ki... especially the food, you make me hungry now LOL ...