Animals around us

Sunday, November 10, 2013

If you know Max, you know how he like to read and learn about animals.
One day, I purged their toys leaving them with only their animals toys and a few other toys they love and they didn't even notice the missing toys. 


One day I saw this and I found it to be interesting so I asked Max what happened?

He answered, "all the animals eat poisonous food and they died. Except the Hippo. That's why only Hippo is alive to this day."

 Sometimes playing with toy animals is not enough so they have to find them outside:

Do you know that when a grasshopper died, the other grasshopper would eat them? :(

One of the fun part of having boys is when a fly flew inside the house then all I have to do is tell them, "Boys go catch the fly!"
One day I went to a baby shower and when I am back the boys proudly show me their new pets, which sadly died in a few weeks.
sometimes the neighbor dogs like to get in

the most interesting one came one morning when we were having breakfast:
I thought it was a Turkey but Max said it's a Peacock!
A female Peacock.  
I am closing this post with this picture as a warning for you to watch your step if you visit our house because you would likely see this: