Consistent Training

Saturday, November 2, 2013

I was in tears when Joy's latest post at I Take Joy:

Please read and come back here so I can tell you my story. :)

I wasn't the mom that she spoke to but I was in the same situation as her. My then two and half years old son was throwing a fit at Wholefood. He was playing with trucks at the kids' play area and refused to go home because he loved playing with those trucks so much. It was his first time ever doing that. Do you ever saw a kid on the floor kicking, screaming, and crying at public place? That was exactly what my son did.

I was pregnant with my second one then and due to heavy bleeding earlier in the pregnancy I couldn't pick him up. So with all eyes on my usually sweet boy and me; I got down and hug him still while praying. Thank God he did calm down about 30 seconds later, put those trucks back, and then hold my hand as a sign that he was ready to go home. It was one of the longest 30 seconds in my life but being consistent really works

It took only that one time for my 2.5 years old to learn that when we say, "No, we are not going to buy it. Please put it back," he really won't get it even if he throws a tantrum. Of course there were times when we gave in to his request when it is something good or something that he really likes. If so, we often asked him to wait for special occasions or until he earned enough chores' money.

I didn't know the store was selling the truck {I found out on the next visit} but I'm so thankful that I didn't know otherwise I might gave in and both Max and I would miss this very important lesson.

 "Consistency, Consistency, Consistency. Simply let your yes be yes and your no be no (Matthew 5:37).  Stick to what you say and follow through.  Don’t threaten and don’t give in to whining or fits." Joy @ GraceFullMama