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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Koko Did It
Koko was at Vacation Bible School since morning and it was time to pick him up.
I told my two years old: "Didi, clean up, we have to pick up Koko"
Didi answered, "No! Koko did it!" {Koko wasn't even there}


I was reading an animal book from the library. It list the animals according to its family.
For instance, lion is in the cat family with jaguar, tiger and such.
We were going through the Bear family: black bear, grizzly, panda.
Then I wondered, "Hmmm how come Koala is not in the bear family?"
Max answered, "Of course not, mama. Koala is marsupial not mammal like bear."

Koko is downstairs
I was trying to wake up Wes in the morning by pulling down his blanket and told him,
"Didi, wake up. Koko is gone. See..."
Didi looked at Koko' side of the bed and answered, "No, Koko is downstairs."
Then he pulled his blanket up and went back to sleep.

Things we can't live without
As part of his science lesson, we were learning about 3 basic human needs: shelter, food, and clothes.
At the end of the chapter, we went through the questionnaires together.
He got most of them right except one.
Can we live without computer? Yes
Can we live without clothes? No
Can we live without phone? Yes
Can we live without  food? No
Can we live without car? Yes
Can we live without book? No. How can we live without books, ma? That is not possible.

We were reading the book: What Do People Do All Day by Richard Scarry

I turned to Max and asked him, "What does Papa do?"
He answered, "Papa works with big computer."
Me: "How about mama? What does mama do?"
He put his arms around me and said, "I just want you to be home with me."

Jam = 'clock' in Indonesian
Me: "Max, kamu taro mama 'jam' di mana?" {translation: "Max, where did you put mama's clock?"}
Max: "Jam? O... jam, I put it in the kulkas kalo enggak nanti rusak." {translation: "Jam? O... jam, I put it in the refrigerator otherwise it will be spoiled."}

Koko was working on math so I told Didi to work on his math too.
He answered, "I am working on my airplane."

Smile at the storm
On the way home from Chinese School:
Max: Why we have to smile at the storm, ma?
Me: "Huh?"
Max: *singing* "With Christ in the vessel we can smile at the storm, smile at the storm."
Me: "Oh... that's what you meant"
Max: "So if there is a storm can you smile at it, ma?"

Sometimes, I think motherhood is like a storm.
It often leaves me speechless;
It drives me to my knees;
It reveals how weak or strong my foundation, love, and character.
It motivates me to be strong, learn, grow, and be grateful
for every single day, every single moment, every single craziness...

Notice the different between the left and the right picture?

Koko said Duckie and Otto want to do school today:

Well... at least he knows where to put it back:

Our family on hiking trip by Max

Didi's work of art @ 2.5 years old

Thank you boys for the storm!

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