Some blog cleaning and organizing

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I have been working on some blog cleaning and organizing lately:

a. Max's Blog
Once in a while I like to read what I write here to Max. Lately, he has been asking me to write about his pets, books, toys, and so on. So I  told him why don't he write at his own blog. After a few minutes of tinkering...then voila here it is: Max's Blog. :) He cannot type yet so he narrates the stories for me to type but he can read already so I can't just write in my own words. He would correct me if I do. 

b. Disclosure Policy
Finally get around to write Disclosure Policy. You can find it here

c. Recipe Page. I have been wanting to update the recipe page to make it easier for anyone to look for a recipe but kept delaying due to the amount of work. Finally, I decided I could either let it go or roll my sleeves and work on it. After burning a few midnight oil, it is finally finished. :)

So thankful for wonderful podcast, which faithfully accompanied me during those nights. One of them was this message titled: What's in Your Closet? by Francis Chan. May this be a blessing to you as it does to me.