Our Favorite Carry On for International Flight

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

We fly back to Indonesia almost every year. The flight is long and expensive but we believe it's important for the kids and us to meet their grandparents and the rest of their extended family so we make it a priority.

After four round trips with kids I found these carry on to be my favorite. Less is definitely more! 
Each person carries one bag except me. I have an extra totes filled with breads and snacks in case the kids get hungry. The rest of our stuff goes to checked baggage.

PS: A reader asked where I get my bag. I found it on sale at Container Store but it can also be found on Amazon.

The best part is everything fits under the seat in front of us. I no longer has to worry if the overhead space is full or think about getting stuff in or out the overhead space without disturbing other passengers. Everything we need is within arms reach. Super nice!

We bring empty water bottles {because water is not allowed due to security reason} once the flight attendant is available, we ask his/ her help to fill them up with water.

Inside Wesley's bag: change clothes, sweater with hoodie, one toy, lovey and one book:

Ready, Set, Go!

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  1. Awww..the puppy doll is stuffed in Wes' bag. A cozy travel companion indeed! =)

    1. It's so comfy. I kept stealing it from him after he felt asleep. :D