Balance Bike Review

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

When Wes turned 3 a few months ago, Chris and I decided to gave him a balance bike, a two-wheel bike without pedal, after hearing all the rave reviews about how it helps kids to learn balance so later on they can ride the regular two-wheel bike in a matter of seconds.

Before that he used to ride on his trike which he's already overgrown.

It took him a while to get used to riding the balance bike. In the beginning he kept going back to his old trike until we donated it, then he got no other option besides learning to use the new bike.

In a matter of a few days, he mastered it and could ride so fast and so well that we decided to do the same for Max. Instead of buying another balance bike, we took out the training wheels and the pedals of his bike so he could learn balance too.
I waited until we saw the result before posting this review.

The video was taken the first time Max rode on his two-wheel after we put back the pedals:

So.... answering a few questions:
a. Does it really work? Yes, it does.

b. Which one do we get? We get this one but our humble opinion, even the cheaper ones like this would work as well or better yet if you already have one with training wheels like Max's, then all you need to do is taking off the training wheels and the pedals.

c. If we can go back; would we buy it again? No. we would buy regular bike and take off the pedals. Just for your information, some metal part of the pedals can't be taken off so we had to use duck tape to keep it from hurting his feet.