Light and Fluffy Pancake

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Asian Family Recipes: Simple Pancake
I am in the process of moving all my food related posts to our food site: Asian Family RecipesThe Simple Pancake Recipe can be found here.


  1. I bought my first electric griddle at Kohl's a few years ago and I think I paid around $11 because of the coupon ahahah! It's bigger than your square griddle and I've used it not only for pancakse but also to cook skewers, chicken etc. I love my electric griddle and it was probably one of the best investment in my limited cooking electric appliances. I agree with you the cost of brunch out there is so pricey!

    I usually buy the pancake mixes from the store but I will try your new-found recipe one of these days (after the tax season) hahaha! BTW, the kiddoes will love "sweedish" pancakes.. it's light like crepes and I had the "red velvet" looking one at a small popular brunch spot in San Jose recently

    1. You went all the way down south to get that whoa... We have to give it a try then. Yes, $11 for griddle is great investment. I got mine on discount for $19.99 don't know why i waited so long. :)