Bathroom Renovation Pictures

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

You have seen  the before picture of our bathroom. We thought we could live with it for a few months before renovate but the leaking toilet and shower, big hole in the vanity, small mirror,and the layout really didn't work for us and made us decide to renovate a week after we moved in.
We didn't regret our decision to move in first before doing the renovation because having to live with it for a week giving us a better idea on designing the space that will work best for us.

Day 1: Demolition

We requested the contractor to switch the placement of toilet and vanity that way when either one of us is using the toilet other can still get in and use the sink or shower. We only have one bathroom remember so we have to consider this kind of thing. :)

Day 2: Window installation and wall insulation. Because of the break-in, we requested the contractor to install small window instead of regular size one.

Day 3 & 4: Ceramic tile installation for the shower

Day 6 & 7: Installing the fan and porcelain floor

Day 8: Installing the shower head, toilet, and vanity.

Day 9: Installing the mirror, towel bar, light switches then it's done!
Just need to wait for the glass guy to install the glass door:

Stay tuned for the after picture.