Kitchen: what we would do differently and ideas for future renovation

Thursday, May 21, 2015

It has been almost 2 years since our previous kitchen renovation. Little did we know that we would move, sold the place, and have to do another one in the near future.

When we bought our 1000 square feet home we thought we would build an additional bathroom and family room soon but after crunching the number we decided it would be wiser for us to pay down the mortgage, refinance to shorter term, and save up some more before building an addition. So this summer, we decided to just fix up the kitchen and a few other things to make the place works better for us.

A sneak peak of our current kitchen {I am going to share more before pictures later}

So we are back to planning and designing

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Some kitchen ideas and inspiration that I had been gathering  and what we learned from our previous kitchen:

 a. Counter-top. We went with granite at our previous place but we didn't know that granite can be so absorbent and we had to be careful to immediately wipe spilled oil, wine, even water. We know we can use sealer but it's chemical, which mean I cannot just knead bread on top of it. So no more granite; we are going with Quartz this time.

b. Cabinet.  We are going with white cabinet again; love how white brighten up the room and make the small room seems larger.

c. Back splash. We had glass last time and loving it but we are going with porcelain this time around because we found one on clearance sale that fit the bill.

d. Fridge. We love our counter-depth fridge. I love how it blend well with the cabinet instead of sticking out. The smaller size force me to plan meal wisely and not buying too much food.

f. Floor. We had wood floor last time. As much as we love the texture and how warm it is compared to tile, we had to admit that wood is not a wise choice for kitchen. We have young kids and accident prone me who occasionally spill food and drinks, which is not good for wood. So we are still weighing our options haven't make decision on this yet.

g. One thing that I definitely keep from our previous kitchen is this sliding trash bin under the kitchen sink:

Some more kitchen inspirations from the web sphere:
h. Open floor plan
image source: Apartment Therapy

i. Range hood instead of over the range microwave:

image source: House of Turquoise

j. Kitchen island with bar stools on the sides

image source: Molly Frey Design

Bright and open kitchen we can't wait to see you!

image source: Halycon Style