Travel: Mono Lake

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

It was about 32 degree Fahrenheit or 0 degree Celsius that November morning when we drove from our hotel at Mammoth Lake to Mono Lake.

Mono Lake is a shallow salt water lake in California often known for its tufa towers.

The guide at Visitor Center told us to go to the South Tufa area, where we can get better view of its unique limestone rock formation, called "tufa".

The wind was blowing hard so we put on our full armor before getting out of the car:

Max just had to stop every time he sees information about animals who live in the area:

Found the first group of Tufa:

Max was learning about different kinds of rocks in science this year. One of them is sedimentary rock such as limestone. It's so neat when we go there and he was able to see with his eyes and touch with his hands one of the limestone that he was learning about from his science book.
Moving on to the lake:

What an amazing sight to behold. 


Because it was so cold and windy, there were no other people were there besides us so the boys got to run and being loud as they usually do.

 When we were busy taking picture our little explorer decided to check out the tufa by himself

The next thing we know he's almost at the top so daddy got to come to the rescue. We learned later on that we are not supposed to climb those beautiful tufa. Oops
Can you see "me"?

Being out in the nature is always good for my soul.
Ahhhh.... I feel like I got a little taste of Heaven.

Check out the tripadvisor reviews to get more information on this place. It's definitely worth to visit if you are traveling around Bodie Ghost Town or Mammoth Lake area.