Summer 2016 Bucket List & Summer Learning

Friday, July 29, 2016

Hi there! We have been summering well these days. It's been a full, relaxing, and rejuvenating summer for me and the boys at least; Chris has been very busy with work prayerfully he is experiencing summer fun too once in a while. :)

I was encouraged when I read this article titled: "Psychologist recommend children be bored in the summer." I love the idea of not cramping too much activities during the summer. At the same time, we know this is the only summer when they are 7 and 5 years old and we want to make some sweet memories with them that's why we make the summer bucket list. You can follow my instagram account to see our progress.

Part of our summer bucket list is doing a light daily learning activities (about 1 hour) each day so the kids do not experience summer slide

The library is having a summer reading challenge, which is an added motivation but the kids love going to the library and read even without the challenge.

The humongous collection of books that the local library has never chase to amaze me. Growing up in third world country, we don't have this privilege.

Besides reading, I also have the kids work on math, language art, and writing.

One of the math activities that the kids do is a daily math worksheet; addition problems for the five years old and multiplication problems for the seven years old. They like to read while doing their business so I thought may as well ask them to do their math. I no longer have to ask if they done their math that day because they automatically doing it before reading books/ magazines. Problem solved! :)

The free math printable worksheet can be found here