Our 1000 Square Feet Home Sweet Home

Thursday, September 20, 2018

It's been a while since I write anything here. I thought mom's life will become less busy once the kids are older turned out it's not true with homeschooling and chauffeuring the kids to their activities. I was cleaning the garage the other day and came across my journal reading the silly moments when the kids were under 5. It makes me want to write again so in the future I can read and remember those times.

I thought I started with this post, which has been in my draft folder for a while. We moved to our small 1960 house more than 3 years ago. We love the open floor plan, the big backyard, the fact that it is small and fit our budget. We slowly renovating and making it a home that fits our need. Without further ado come on in!

When you first enter the house, you will see this space, where I spend time blogging, paying bill, or working on my tax. Next to it is my beloved Ektorp armchair from Ikea. I changed the cover three times due to spill and much use over the years but the inside still fluffy and in good shape.

Next is our living/ family room and kitchen where we spend the majority of our time. The kids still prefer to bring their toys out and play here even though we put all their toys in the bedroom. 
The Gallery Wall:
Our devotional reading and board games also in the living room
We (well... the contractor) teared down the wall to the kitchen so we have open layout.  

During winter, this is where we do our homeschooling. When the weather gets warmer we opt to do schooling outside. 
I posted more before and after pictures of the kitchen here if you want to see more.
Our one and only bathroom:

You can see before and after pictures of our bathroom here.

Inspired by the tiny powder room in Japan, we turned one of our closets in the hall way into powder room just enough to fit a toilet so now at least we have two toilets in the house. *yippee*

Our humble master bedroom. That's the desk where hubby work when he is working from home.

Our bed, which never looks this neat. Over the years we learn ways to reduce conflict; one of them is by using two blankets instead of one.

The extra bedroom/ sewing room/ reading room where family/ friend stay when they come to visit us.

I haven't get chance to take picture of the kids' bedroom yet. It's almost always messy and either one of them usually there so it's hard to take pictures. 

Moving on to the backyard, the selling point of our house, which used to look like this:
California was hit with a long drought the past few years, which makes it impossible to keep those lawn green so we turned part of the lawn into basketball court, which has been daily. 
 We do school outside under this gazebo during the warmer months

That's all for me today. Glad I can finish this post. I'll try to show up here again next week. 'Till next time.