Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Capri is one of my favorite places to visit in the world. I went to Italy for study abroad almost 20 years ago and this was the only place I came back to so my hubby and kids can experience its beauty.We stayed in an airbrb nearby Solerno the night before then took a Ferry from Solerno port. We had to take these stairs to reach the port.
The Ferry only run sparingly during winter so do start your day early if you want to make the first one around 9A.M.
The beautiful Capri
We arrived at 10 AM and got to catch a Ferry back to Sorrento at 2 PM. We knew we can't waste anytime so off we get on the best to our destination taking a bus then chairlift to Mount Solaro:

 The minimal age for kids to ride by themselves is eight. Thankfully, Wesley turned eight last year.
 The view was magnificent. We brought sandwich for lunch and enjoy it on the mountain top among the clouds.

Time to get down. We planned to hike down but have bus to catch plus the kids enjoy the chair lift so much so we decided to just ride the chair lift down.

Got to spend sometimes on the beach before boarding.

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