Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cooking: Sayur Asem

It's been cold lately so I have been cooking soup and soup and soup including this one.
Thanks to for the recipe.

The Ingredients

The Process

The result


  1. wuahhhh ciciii aku mauuuuu :( ngiler2 ni di kantor hehhe... ci gimana sih caranya bikin 1 pictures bisa ada 2 or 4 gambar?

  2. Pake picasa, Na. Pilih gambar2nya yg kamu mau terus click "create" then choose "Picture Collage"
    Terus kalo udah upload di picasa album then we can choose to embed the picture (choose the size) jadi ngak perlu upload lagi di blog tinggal copy & paste the embed link :)

  3. kiki, i like when you post recipes/ blog about cooking. i really like the step by step instruction with pictures!! just what a clueless girl like me need. thank youuuu haha :)

  4. Thank you for the sweet words, Nat. You encourage me to upload my other cooking pictures. :)