Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bread Making Part 2: Cream Cheese Bread

We finished the sausage bread in two days. I'm encouraged to make another bread. This time I decided to try the Cream Cheese Bun from Yossi's blog.

The ingredients

The Cream Cheese Mixture


The result

Max loves it so much. I think he finished 2/3 of the whole things. I eat the rest. Chris is not a big fan of cream cheese so he probably only eat half bun.
It tastes good but I still need to work on the texture.

Coming up next: my favorite Banana Chocolate Cheese Bread.


  1. ci, soft icing mixture beli dimana ya? looks good, jadi pengen bikin jg hehehe

  2. I used Bertha's buttercream recipe: 2 sticks of butter @ room temperature +
    75g condensed milk + rum/vanilla extract to taste.