Sunday, April 11, 2010

Terong/ Eggplants Balado

This recipe is given by my sister in Christ, Yeye. She and I can cook with the same recipe but hers always turned out so much better - it's the hands I guess.
We were not fond of this dish before because according to many recipes the eggplants have to be fried first but Yeye told us to steam it instead.

The ingredients + cute toddler

I cook outside otherwise the house will smell like shrimp for days

Terong/ Eggplants Balado
2 egg plants (medium "American" size) - cut about 1 inch
1/2 lb of ground pork
5 dried galangal - found at Lion Supermarket
1 ts oyster sauce
Salt, pepper, & little bit sugar - as preferred
Sweet soy sauce (Bango brand is better than ABC) - about 5 tbs or as preferred
3 tbs olive oil

Minced ingredients - I use chopper
5 Shallot
3 Garlic
5 big red chili - take out the seeds
1 ts shrimp paste

Cooking method:
Steam the eggplants for about 15 minutes or 'till cook - but not too tender
Heat the oil and saute the minced ingredient and ground pork 'till cook. Add the rest of the ingredients followed by the egg plants then stir for a little bit. That's it!

The dish turned out to be delicious and healthy at the same time. Thanks Ye!


  1. it lookksss good <3 :) anty yeye *hint2* masakin dong buat d ruma :p

  2. aunty yeye lg sibuk mo final sama cpa... aunty nana masakin donk kan udh ada nih resepnya... *hint2 balik* =P

  3. Looks so good, I should try! I love terong, especially terong balado.