Monday, December 20, 2010

Oakland Zoo

We intentionally waited for Max to be old enough to know the name of many animals before taking him the zoo. Thanks to this bookhe is able to recognize almost all the animals in the zoo.

Overall, we like Oakland Zoo. The landscape is nice and well maintained; it doesn't smell bad as other zoo; and the animals seem to be healthy and happy too. :)

Chris took a day off one day to go with us that way we can enjoy the zoo without having to deal with the weekend crowd.
Come on mama "cepet" (= hurry)

Mimicking Mr. Pig

What else shall we see?


Admiring God's wonderful creations and treasuring every minute with my two (soon-to-be-three) boys.


  1. Ci, koq muka buat Mr. Pig nya mirip ama chipmunks? :-)

  2. beda auntie Yanny. Mr Pig lebih "monyong"