How I Sew With a Curious Toddler

Monday, December 20, 2010

I blogged about how I cook and bake with Max. What I haven't mentioned here is where I found the inspiration. Before I had Max, I read an article about how the American Indian who used to live in a tent keep their kid away from the campfire: they let the kids got close enough (with supervision) to feel the heat of the fire. That way the kid learn from experience instead of having to be told numerous times.

I applied this principle to Max. Instead of waiting for him to sleep to do chores that might be dangerous for him; I let him get close enough to the stove, oven, hair drier, iron, etc to feel the heat. That way Max knows those things are dangerous and hot and dare not to touch them.

This principle helps me to be able to sew with him  around too. He knows the scissor and needle are sharp and can hurt when he touches it. So I draw, measure, cut, pin, and sew when he's around. That way when mommy is having fun, Maxie is having fun too:

Playing with mommy cool sewing gadgets

Working on his precision/ "needle pinning" skill