Indoor Fabric Frisbee

Monday, December 20, 2010

This is one of those projects that makes my husband shakes his head thinking, "What is my wife doing this time?" I was supposed to make a nursing cover for my dear friend, Elisse but since her due date is still couple months away, I didn't feel the urge to make it just yet.
Then I saw a tutorial on how to make a fabric Frisbee from one of my favorite sewing blogs. Our family and three other family were about to go away for a weekend getaway so I thought this would be a great thing for the kid to play indoor.  Turned out the parents were the one who had fun playing with it. :p

Found the tutorial from here
Trace about 8" of circle - I used a big bowl - on the fabrics (2 pieces) and cotton batting (2 pieces). I got the fabric from a friend and cotton batting from Wallmart.

Pin the pieces together: the batting followed by fabrics (right sides together)

Sew them together, leave 3 inches opening to turn the fabric

Turn the fabric then hand sew the opening:

Trace the inner circle - I used a smaller bowl - to stabilize the batting:


It works! See even Maxie can play with it. :)