Saturday, March 19, 2011

Family Pictures - March 2011

Thank you for praying for us and Baby W especially after that night.  We have now passed the 36th week and are very much looking forward to hold him in our arms. For a couple who spent 4 years praying and wondering if we could have children, this is a wonderful blessing.
Thank You, Lord, for this very active baby! "Children are a gift from the Lord" Psalms 127:3; and we are grateful to You for this one.

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  1. Very cool video clip. Love it. Devie

  2. Awww.. Nice! Anytime donk ya nih baby w is going to make its entrance to the world, or exit (from the womb)?! Haha! Have a smooth delivery ya ki. God bless you as you bless the 2 kids God has entrusted in your hands. You're such a wonderful mummy!

  3. Kiki you are always pretty. Blessed boys! Beautiful pictures. Love love!

  4. Thank you, sisters! Please keep us in your prayers ya!