What has been helpful during the first two weeks of our baby's life

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

1. Supporting family
2. Loving husband
3. Caring friends
4. Contoured Foam Ring Pillow, hemorrhoid cream, Motrin, & ice packs; if you have the baby the "usual" way
5. Nursing cover, chair & stool to nurse
6. Formula, bottle, thermos, bottle drying racks, bottle warmer, breast pump
7. Crib/ Play yard/ bassinet
8. Infant car seat
9. Stroller

10. Closed top Trash can/ Diaper
11. Sling
12. Breast friend
13. Nursing pad/ small wash cloth
14. Pacifier
15. Lots and lots of diaper & round cotton balls/ baby wipes
16. Bath tub with sling
17. Baby soap, lotion, baby lotion, & diaper rash cream
18. Dresser for baby stuff and changing place
19. Baby clothes, socks, hat, mittens, bib
20. Baby nail clipper/ scissor
21. Baby bouncer
22. To prevent flat head: pillow with hole
23. Warm Blanket, swaddling blanket