God's Perfect Timing

Thursday, September 4, 2008

God orchestrate the timing of Max's birth so perfectly!* July 14 - Mom, dad, & Herich applied U.S. visa. Got it - Thank God! - then bought the airplane ticket to San Francisco arriving on August 2, 2008

* July 18 - My last day of working

* July 21, 2008 - On my regular doctor check up, she said that I already 2 cm dilated, meaning the labor can be within hours or weeks.

* July 28 - Another doctor appointment. The doctor said I am already 2 cm dilated. If nothing happen, we are scheduled to be induced on August 11, 2008

* July 30 - Felt the contraction during our last childbirth class but then it stopped. We rent out movie: The Bucket List then go to sleep.

* July 31 - No further contraction so Chris went to work as usual that day. Mom SMS told me that she tried to change her flight but she couldn't because all the ealier flight were booked. I told her it's okay. In my heart, I was praying hard for God's perfect timing, whether it's earlier or later

* August 2 - Mom & dad arrived in San Francisco airport.

*August 3 - Go to church in the morning. The labor started in the evening and Max was born the early morning on August 4.

With Max born just one day after mom & dad arrived, we get all the help we need especially during the two weeks after giving birth when I am still recovering.

We knew that God's the one who is behind all of these. Thank you Lord for answering our prayers. All glory and praises belong to You alone. We are eternally grateful for your grace, providence, and love to us.

"How great is our God,
Sing with me
How great is our God,
and all will see
How great, How great
Is our God"