Daddy and Me

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Max and I went back to Indonesia a week earlier than Chris. We were accompanied by our dear friend, Auntie Fonda. Thank you, Fonda! The trip itself was fine. Even though Max refused to be put in the airplane bassinet, but he slept well in either my arms or Fonda's.
However, the one week separation from daddy was way harder than I thought. I thought we would be fine, after all, some of our friends did it for a month or longer. For us, that one week felt like one of the longest week of our lives. Max was very fuzzy two nights after we landed in Indonesia. I prayed and did everything I could think of but still he wailed and cried for hours until he's too tired and fell asleep. The nights afterward he was fine but then he start to get sick (diarrhea followed by fever) on the third days we arrived and recovered just a day before we left Indonesia. Chris was worry sick and missing us so bad that he didn't have the appetite to eat. Poor him. We promised to never have our family separated for that long again. I know it's only 9 days total but it felt so much longer than that.

Picture taken at the airport before we left to Indonesia:

Picture taken at Changi airport during our transit on the way back to the States: