6 Months Old Max

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Yay, Max is half a year today. Happy birthday, baby!

We went to the doctor for his six months check up yesterday. Max is 16 lbs, which puts him at 25th percentile on his weight. Still good considering he lost a lot of weight when he was sick back in Indonesia. Lengthwise he's at the 50th percentile. Max also got three shots yesterday. I requested the nurse to administer all three in one thigh that way at least he won't feel any pain on his other thigh.

The activity center and the baby goes wherever mommy goes. When I cook or wash the dishes the activity center + the baby become my kitchen island. When I work on the computer they will be in nearby me as well. =)

O... Max now knows how to get our attention. He will scream, wiggle his body, or pretend crying to get our attention when we ignore him or busy with other things.

Ii Mery gave us this baby biscuit called baby choice and Max loves it. He is now able to hold and chew biscuit all by himself.