9 Months

Monday, May 4, 2009

How quickly times flies my once small helpless babe has grown to be one active and chubby crawler.
He got 6 teeth now, 2 @ the top, and 4 @ the bottom.

Changing his diaper is super duper challenging now since he'll quickly squirm, turn, and crawl away whenever we lay him down. Mom's trick: giving him his favorite teether or book to play with while we change his diaper.

He can crawl super fast; can stand supported and climb the stairs (only one or two steps so far, then he'll cry out for us to bring him down); loves to open the safety gates, cabinets, or drawer; has fallen down from his bouncer, high chair, and our bed. =(

Still likes to put everything in his mouth - among his favorites are shoes, remote control, and cables; loves to read, the Bible is his favorite. Yay!

He eats three times a day; drinks water + juice & eats fruit and snacks between meal. I still breast feed him at night only and he drinks formula 3 x 180 ml. Poops 3x a day mostly in the potty. Hurray!

We no longer use his baby tub to bath him. He's been upgraded to our big tub. Max loves his bath time. He will crawl, stand, and splash the water everywhere. Chris usually is the one who gives him a bath when he got home from work.
I never knew that having a child would be so much fun. Thank you... thank you... thank you... Lord.

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