Bedtime Conversation

Saturday, May 9, 2009

We finally moved Max out of our bedroom, The reason: he felt from our bed. In the middle of the night, as any other night, I moved Max from his crib to our bed for his late night breastfeeding. We managed to keep him from falling so far because we basically "sandwich" him between the two of us. Chris was having a sore throat that day so he slept in the other room. I put pillow on his side hoping that it would prevent him from falling but he somehow managed to kick it it while sleeping then crawl his way down to the hardwood floor below.

I was sleeping when I heard *bam*. Immediately I knew and screamed "HONEY... HE FELL." Chris jumped out of the bed in a second and run into our bedroom. Thankfully, Max was okay. He got a little bump on his head from bumping it against our bed frame, but he fell on the top of the pillow that fell before him. He was about to cry when I picked him up but as soon as he saw his daddy, he smiled. We then put him on the potty to pee - as what we usually do when he wake up at night- and he was smiling and enjoying himself like nothing happened, such a happy baby. Thank you, Lord.

Anyway...... I got side tracked here. Since Max is no longer sleep in our room, we got to enjoy our bedtime conversation without worrying about waking him up.It was Saturday night and we knew we have to leave early to church the next morning since children choir was going to perform on Mother's Day. Somehow we kept talking and talking even after we reminded each other that we need to sleep soon. Either one of us would think of something and start another conversation until I said, "The next person talk will handle the baby the next time he cries." All of the sudden the room was so quiet for a minute or two before both of us burst into laughter. Ah.. the joy of parenthood.