Camping - Part 1

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Finally, I can sit down and write while my two boys are sleeping.
July 4th is the U.S. independent day so we were blessed with long weekend. Yay!
Off we went camping with 3 other families. Each family has 1 kid. We used to camping but camping with kid is another challenge on itself. We have to pack lot and lot of stuff.

Below is the list of Max' stuff that we packed for our 3 days 2 nights camping's trip:
I put it here for our reference for the next trip....
Thermos, water bottle, milk, doggie (Max's "guling" = body pillow) baby food, snack, fruit, toys, book, medicine, nail clipper, thermometer, nose suction, diapers, diaper pads, lotion, diaper rash cream, clothes, hat, socks, baby carrier, sling, potty, booster, stroller. *fiuh*

Nevertheless, we had FUN, tons of fun even though we're so tired, sore, and still have a lot of washing and cleaning to do (the car, borrowed tent, folding chairs, sleeping bag, etc) but the sweet memory outweigh all hard work & tiredness. It was a great experience!

The trip to Big Sur camp ground was supposed to be about 2 hours without traffic but it took us almost 5 hours to get there. Thank God Max is such a good baby. He was happily sit, sleep, eat, drink, read, play, and enjoy the ride.

Our nice tent - borrowed from Indra & Novita. Thank you!

Elisse and the kids.

Playing with a baby "bear" @ the camp

Our picnic table full of yummy food.

We bundled up for the cold night around 50 degree F (= 10 degree C )

Sleeping soundly. We brought our comfy goose-down-comforter, which proven to be very useful :)