Biking with toddler in tow

Saturday, August 15, 2009

One day we saw a dad rode his bike with his baby around Max's age riding behind him with this child bike seat, which inspired to do the same. Thanks to craigslist, we were able to get Max's bike seat for 1/2 of the original price & mommy's bike for 1/4 of its original price. Yay! Chris already has a bike since he used to bike to work when we live in our old place.

So we've been biking 2-3 times a week depends on how early daddy get back from work & how late Max wakes up from his nap. Daddy is under a lot of pressure lately... and biking has been a good stress reliever for him. 

Lately, Chris has been going to work very early in the morning to avoid traffic and to be able to spend more time with us. I know... I know... I have such a wonderful husband. Thank you, dear! So... anybody wants to join us?