Max's First Birthday

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We knew that we don't want to hold a special birthday party for Max's because we plan to celebrate it at church on Sunday. Our church has loved and blessed us so much. Every week since Max born 'till when he's 3 months old, we kept getting gifts and foods.
Therefore, it's only fitting if we celebrate his birthday with the whole church family.
We didn't plan anything 'till the day before Max's birthday. Since our family live so far away, we decided to invite our closest friends for Max's birthday dinner. They are such a sweet friend, still willing to come despite the last minute notice. :P We had a great time. Thank God for good friends.

Us with the kiddos. Thanks to them & their gracious parents, we rarely buy any toys for Max. They kindly offer us their baby toys for Max to borrow.

Max eating his first cake: Bread Papa's Puff sponsored by Auntie Nana & Auntie Yeye

Cici Jasmine: "This is how you should eat it, Max!"

"I want more...."

Thank you for washing the dishes, Aunties!

These lovely ladies were making cute animals from fondant for Max's official birthday cake made by Auntie Bertha

Group Picture

All of the photos below were taken by the talented Auntie Sansan. Thank you so much for the beautiful images, San! Anyone need a photographer? We highly recommend her! :)

Months before Max's birthday, Bertha told me that she would love to make Max's First Birthday Cake as her gift for him. She worked on this cake for many hours for a few days after she got back from work and the whole Saturday prior to the Day . Thank you so very much, Tha!

Every single piece was a labor of love by the lovely Aunties for this blessed baby of mine. Auntie Yossi made the rabbit, Auntie Nana made the duck & piggie, Auntie Yanny made the frog, Auntie Fonda made the bee, Auntie Joan made the cow, and Auntie Bertha made the catepillar, the butterflies, the curious George, and the whole cake.

Us posing with the cake

Max posing with his cake though he was more interested on eating the plums in his hands.

Finally picture with the cake maker.

Below was what I wrote her:

You've outdone yourself by going over and beyond any expectation.
I apologize for not saying this earlier. We were so busy feeding the whole church and forgot to let you know how much we appreciate what you've done.
Thank you for the countless hours, effort, & energy that you've put into making Max's 1st birthday cake. The decoration was so cuteeee & delicate. The cake was very delicious. We're so touched. I have teary eyes as I write this. Thank you for blessing us!

Giving God thanks for you,

Maximilan captured by Sansan's camera

Max loves fruits especially the berries family, grape, banana, plum, & nectarine but he's not a fan of mango and apple.

Curious + Active + Playful
At church, other than when he cries, we barely hold him. There's always loving arms of aunties, uncles, big sisters, grandmas, & grandpas available to carry him. :)

Picture with the lovely photographer
"A friend loves at all times..." Proverbs 17:17