14 Months Max

Saturday, October 17, 2009

I know I keep saying this but I really can't believe how fast my baby grows. Max is officially walking 2 days shy from his 14 Months birthday. He likes to watch, touch, and follow our every move from "typing" on the computer's keyboard, wiping the floor, using spatula to "cook", to picking his nose. =P

He is such a touchy kid. Depends on his mood, he often give us a hug, kiss, pat, or simply put his head on our shoulder whenever he sit or sleep next to us. And I'm the blessed woman who got to enjoy the hugs & kisses all day long. Ahhh...

Max loves to play & go out. He even likes to pretend he is going out like in the video below. :) Once he sees either one of us (or our guests) standing by the door, he would ask to be carried out. We sometimes let the person carry him out and guest what Max would do next: giving us "kiss bye".

Max is at this Monkey-See-Monkey-Do or in this case Monkey-Hear-Monkey-Say's stage.
We've been teaching him to call us "Mama" and "Papa".
However, since Chris & I call each other "Hon" ( a short form for "honey"), guest what he call us: "hon...hon...hon...hon..." =P