Random post

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

- God is good... all the time & All the time... God is good!

- Just found a way to cook without having to carry 11 kg baby in one arm: giving him his own pan & spatula to "cook" with. :)

- Hula hoop helps flatten my flabby ex-pregnant belly.

- Always shop with a list, park near the shopping chart return not the entrance.

- Chris and I will go on a date tomorrow: going to Don Moen's concert while our friends get together for a small potluck gathering to babysit Max. :)

- Sleeping with mom is nice, sleeping with Max ... not so nice. Hubby is still my favorite sleeping buddy.

- I wear old socks at home not only to keep my feet warm but also to mop the floor at the same time.

- Google reader Feedly is cool. Instead of checking my favorite blogs or websites one by one to see if they have any update, I simply list those sites/ blogs on my subscription list. It will show up on my reader every time they publish a new post.

-Some random beautiful quotes:

"Live your life in such a way that if you were to die tomorrow, you wouldn't change your way of living today."

"We often asked to be 'excused' instead of to be 'forgiven'"

"What you are a gift from God; what you become is your gift for God."


  1. kayaknya yg excused vs forgiven itu dapet dari one of our small group book ya, Na? Lupa oiii

  2. ci kikiiii, bli hula hoop dimanaa? aku kmaren mo tanya lupa :p

  3. di super kyoto supermarket di Homestead $6 only :)

  4. Forgot to mention itu ada counternya gitu jadi tau udah berapa puteran :)