Friday, October 23, 2009

One of the hill nearby our place was on fire last summer. Ever since then every time we pass that hill, we see the burned grass mark covering the hill, a reminder of what happened. We passed the hill again two days ago and was surprised to see the hill is GREEN. How can it be? Chris said it must be due to the rain that we have been having these past few weeks, which got me thinking: Not only the grass, our body, relationship, and soul need some "watering" every now and then.

Thank God that we got change to be watered by going to the Don Moen's - I Believe There is More's Concert last Thursday. He's one of a few singers that both Chris and I like. The rest are either too slow for me or too upbeat for Chris. :P Our friend, Ocep has been offering to babysit Max for a while so it's time to take up the offer. First, we drop off Max at Vonny & Iben's place, where Ocep organized the small potluck gathering to babysit our well-loved little boy. :)

Afterward, we got the whole evening just for the two of us. It's nice to be able to have a conversation without having to stop in the middle to say : "Max, No....don't eat your shoes!"; "We'll be there in a minute, baby... please don't cry"; or to sing "If you happy and you know it clap your hands" for 10x.

We arrived right when the concert was just about to start. I couldn't sing the first half of the concert, however, I just sit there and cry. Before I came, I knew something is off. I just couldn't pin point what exactly - the truth is I didn't take time to find out. I still pray & read my bible but mostly just to check it off my To-do list, so that I can continue with my never ending housework & look after my active toddler. As I sit there with my heart and ear open, I can hear God speaking: "Kiki, are you kidding yourself? Parenting is hard work, you need to depend on ME, you can't do it on your own." You see... I know what is like to depend on God. We waited and trust in Him for 4 years before God blessed us with Max. I knew exactly what He was saying. I have been busy doing things on my own that I forgot to be a godly mom, I first and foremost have to set my priority straight: I need to spend time with God and be soaked on His words to give me strength, joy, peace, and wisdom to go through the day. So over the next hour or so, I just sit there and cry as Chris hold my arms and Don Moen lead the congregation sing praises to God. God showered me with His presence, words, and love. Ah.... what a sweet loving God I have.

Do you need some "watering" today? Take time to listen to God and His Words. You'll surprised to find out how much "water" He has in store for you.

"My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. " John 10:27


  1. Hi Kiki, thanks for sharing. It's funny how it's just yesterday I am so reminded that we need to depend on God ... it's so true that parenting is a hard work *not to mention the unending house chores* it's even harder than what I think it'd be. I am trying to live it out too here: to depend on God day by day.

    I went to Don Moen's concert too last month, in Surabaya. I had a very blessed time too. Well, some of the songs are too upbeat for me too hahaha! While my brother and my friend thought the upbeat songs were good.

    Thanks for sharing your conviction, it blessed my heart too.

  2. Wah... God is very cool indeed. TQ for sharing, Van!