Vancouver Trip - Part 1

Monday, October 26, 2009

We went to Canada last month with my mom. She has been wanting to go to Alaska and Canada so we decided to make one of her wishes comes true.

Canada.... here we come

We flew to Seattle then drove to Vancouver. The flight to Seattle was okay, Max kept himself busy playing peek-a-boo with Chris who sit on the chair behind us - this is only possible because we flew Southwest Airlines, which has the open-seating policy and the plane wasn't full.

Finally after 2 hours flying and 2 hours driving, we arrived in Vancouver. First stop: Queen Elizabeth Park

This boy of mine is definitely not a "kampung"/ village boy.
He is very curious about things but not up to the point of getting himself dirty or wet.

"Go ahead play with the water fountain, mom. I'm happy just watching it from a far."

Max was more interested to explore the new place than to sleep. Thanks to Regina's advise, we stayed in a condo instead of hotel. It cost the same but we can cook plus we got more space for Max to run around.