Saturday, January 16, 2010

Max usually cries when he wakes up from his nap so Chris and I usually don't bother to close the stair gate because once we heard him cry on baby monitor, we'll ran up stair to greet him.

One afternoon, he woke up quietly and started walking down the stairs. By the time I heard his steps and ran to meet him, he already walked down half way through the stairs with his right hand holding on the wall and his left hand holding on Doggie, his precious bolster. We were shocked because he usually goes down the stairs backward in crawling position, which is safer. Thank God Max didn't fall or hurt himself.

He refused to let Mr. Doggie go afterward, so it accompanies him doing his business

Max's "don't-bother-me-I-just-wake-up-look"

From that point on, we make sure the stair gate is locked.
Here is my little rascal trying to sneak out. Sorry baby your head is too big

He then tried to climb it but it doesn't work either

Will somebody please open this gate?

Pizzzzzz (=please)


  1. ciciiiiii.... lucu bangetttttttttttttt....
    kangennn.... huggggggggggg.....

  2. Oh hahahaha ... begini toh ternyata ceritanya. Ngerti aku sekarang setelah put the photos in context. Thanks for sharing Mamah Gigi.

  3. iahhh fotonya yg hugging mr. doggy imut bgttt :) <3

  4. Kangennnnn... tunggu yah baby 1 more day and aunty Yeye will be free... nanti kita main lg yah... =)

  5. "Max's "don't-bother-me-I-just-wake-up-look"" hahahhaa....