Make Me Smile

Monday, January 4, 2010

Max & Cici Mei Ik

Make Me Smile #1
Yesterday at children choir, I played two songs for the kids to choose to sing for the Mission Month's flag parade.
Me: "Everyone, please listen to both songs and vote which one do you think we should sing. Song #1 is a different version of '
Jesus Loves the Little Children' and song #2 is 'I Wanna Go'"
The kids then replied:
J: "I like song #2, if we sing song #1 then I won't be singing."
Me: "'Okay next"
G: *silent*
Me: "Hmmm....okay, how about you V?"
V: "I don't know"
Me: "That's fine.... CH?"
CH: "I don't care."
Me: "And you Mei Ik, which song do you want to sing?
Mei Ik: "Go Tell It on the Mountain" (we sang this song last Christmas)
*Everybody burst into laughing*
Me: "........." (lost of words)
Auntie Nana: "It's not even an option"
So that's what you miss yesterday, Auntie Fonda

Make Me Smile #2
A little part of a long notes that Amanda shared with some of us about what she learned from Urbana '09 (ask Mandy herself if you want to read the whole thing. I was touched, encouraged, crying, and laughing at the same time as I read it.)
She wrote, ".....God even showed himself to me on the Metro back to the airport. A man had asked someone for change and when he didn't have any, and I was wondering if I should offer him money or not. I have heard both that I should give money and that I should not give money for their respective reasons. As I sat there wondering, the train stopped and more people came in. The man then asked an incoming person for change, and her response was "I don't, but I have an orange, man! You want it?" I have to admit, I kinda laughed to myself. God gave me a perfect answer a good 30 seconds after I had asked it."
Make Me Smile #3
Yanny's recent post on her blog. Click
here to see it.