Our Daily Walk

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Unless it's raining, Max and I usually walk around the neighborhood before his nap time.
Sometimes we stop by at our neighbor's place to chit chat and play with baby Nic.
I brought along Chris' camera one day and here are some shots that I took:

*Mom, look what I found*

He carefully picked it up and brought it to me

Then he proudly say, "here's my gift for you, mom" ok not really, it's more like "uh...uh..."

Mommy, "Whoa...Thank you, Max!"

Max' serious look upon hearing a vehicle approaching

He was scared, then he hide between my legs. I have to bend down to take this shot

Max posed in front of our mail box

Sometimes Chris and I wonder if what people say is true: 2 cowlicks = active, talkative & "iseng" (= cheeky?)

"ma..ma...ma...ma...aaaAAAA" = *I'm tired mommy, please pick me up.*

Then we go home ...

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