18 Months Max

Saturday, February 20, 2010

How time flies.... Can't believe it's been more than a month since I post Max's monthly update. Soon this monthly update will be bi-yearly or yearly thing I guess. Without further delay, here's what Max up to these days:

He can make simple two-word sentences such as "Udah abis" (= All done), "Minum piss" (=drink please), "mau mamam" (= want to eat), "shoes go" (= wear shoes then go), "Cici Meimei", "I you" (= I love you), "hachi bobok" (= sleeping with his dogie bolster) 

Pretend Crying

Pretend he is about to poop. Whenever we put him to sleep and he still want to play, he'll say "eek" = poop so we will hurriedly put him on potty but then nothing comes up but then there were times when we ignored his request and he ended up really pooping so....

Doing things on his own:
Walking on his own refusing to hold our hands
Eating on his own. My neat hubby is used to the mess by now. :) As for me, I'm just grateful that he inherit daddy's good eating gene.

He has been consistent in telling us whenever he need to poop or pee provided he's awake and not occupied with something. Good job Max-ie boy!

He can buckle himself when we put him on the booster.

If most boys are into balls or cars I don't think Max even know what car is.
He is very much into pan and spatula. =) That's what happen when you let your kid watch too much mommy and daddy live cooking show.
I have to go to eyes doctor one day for a yearly check up so I drop him off at auntie Kathy's place. Afraid that he might get bored Kathy asked me to bring Max toys. I told her he's not really playing with his toy just give him your pot and pans to play with. :)

Max loves learning too. After all he's a curious boy who want to know about everything:

Thank you for bringing so much fun, joy, messiness, headaches, and laughter into our life Max. Please know that God, mommy and daddy love you very much!


  1. aunty loves you to Maxie..
    Thank you for being such a blessing ci =)

  2. Maxie, he is such a cute boy, isn't he!!! Cepat yah ngomongnya!

    For Chloe just a while before two years old, she spoke more two word sentences, so Maxie, really great job!

    I love the way he eats by himself ... neat! I love your hands-on teachings toward Max, I mean, letting him learning through experiencing different kind of things. Good job to Mommy and Daddy too! I personally think you are beautiful family in God.

  3. Thank you for the kind words, aunties!
    @Vanini: soalnya papa mamanya Max-ie cerewet jadi menurun :) Thank you for your refreshing and encouraging words!