Blanket Time

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Few months ago, I learned about blanket time from this book: The Duggars 20 and Counting. This practice helps Michelle (the mother) run the house with 20 kids especially during the time when the kids were young. And this become my secret to be able cook with an active toddler around.

During the blanket time the child sits and plays on the blanket. Max knows when I say, "it's blanket time." He'll run to the basket where I put the blanket and grab it for me. I'll spread the blanket on the kitchen floor then grab one toy for him to play on the blanket. Once he's bored with it, I grab another toy for him to play. Technically, I'm supposed to give him only one toy to play with for a few minutes to encourage him to practice self control as well.

I usually do this whenever I have to cook and Chris is not around so Chris had yet seen blanket time at work. 'Till this Sunday when we both need to cook. Chris asked me, "so you cook first or me?" I answered, " Why? We both can cook together, Max will have his blanket time."


  1. Kalo Uncle Marcel blanket time nya tuh minta di tuck in buat bobo. Hmmm ... koq ngaco yah Aunty's blanket time? HAHAHA. But great job, Maxie!

  2. Iya auntie Yanny ini... Remember this is a G rate blog auntie :)