Diaper Cakes + Devotional Diaper

Monday, March 15, 2010

My 3rd diaper cake for my new friend, Lulu:
 Devotional Diaper Cake

For Regina & baby Kevyn, I was going to make devotional diapers only but it looks too plain so I went ahead making another diaper cake. Got the bible verse from my personal collection of memory verses.

How to make devotional diaper cake

Make a round bundle then hold it together with rubber band or 

 Diaper Cake for boy

The end result ta da :)
Inside the CD case is personalized CD for the big sister Katelyn; such a special gift for a 3-5 years old:
my music cd


  1. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee your diaper cakes as always. So thoughtful, Ci. Katanya ga artsy. Tapi jagoan gini koq. Ci Kiki, aku special request yah nanti kalo aku one day joining the expectant moms club :-)

  2. Iya ngak artsy. Don't you notice this is the only craft that I make? :P I'll surely make one for you.

  3. ohh cute Ci!!! do this as a side business aja Ci :)

  4. Bagus kok, Ki, I agree it's very artsy!!!!! Bagus!

  5. Thank you for the kind words & encouragement sisters!

  6. That diaper cake with the elephant on top is absolutely gorgeous. I think its one of the very nicest I have seen and is every bit as good as the ones you can buy,or even better. Well done.