Our Patio Garden

Monday, May 3, 2010

"Five years from now, you’re the same person except for the people you’ve met and the books you’ve read."- John Wooden

I grew up in a home, where the only plants we were plastic/ fake plants. I always have a thing for orchids so throughout the years I bought some real orchid plants but somehow I always manage to kill them all. I gave up and bought a fake orchid plant, which still bloom nicely in our living room.

I never thought I'll grow a plant again. 'Till I met a new friend, Liony during a trip to Ikea last year. We quickly become friend because of her charming personality plus she has a son, the cute Neiman, who is only a month older than Max. Liony is a master gardener. Visiting her lovely home & garden made me wants to grow some plants myself.

Chris couldn't believe his eyes when he saw his clean-freak-wife touching and scraping the soil that he had to take the above picture.

Remember my dust and leaves collector's front patio? It no longer host my drying rack (I move it somewhere else). Now it has these:

Kafir lime plant, when it's still baby - given by our lovely neighbors, Silvi & Ronald:

Kafir lime plant (= daun jeruk purut), when it's all grown up

Che Hung & Mei Ik's grandma kindly gave me most of the above plants


And where is Max when mama is busy gardening?

Of course he's right there with me

According this book; research shows that plants ease everyday stress. Students often do better on tests with plants in the room and patients who's surrounded by plants recover faster. If you don't think you have a green thumb, I like to share a quote I got here: "It’s okay if your potted plants don’t live forever, you can get another one. A few dollars for a plant that lives a few months sounds like a pretty good deal to me."


  1. hahaha ki, sama ya ga bisa nanem. kalo aku sih ga sabar, sama suka lupa nyiram. tp amazing loh taneman, asal ada air and matahari, waktu itu aku tinggal ke indo, ga apa2 tuh. malah lebih subur???

  2. Lucu banget, Ki, yang foto Max lagi siram2 hihihi, he is so involved, good job to Mama Kiki who allows him to explore. Smart good boy.

    Aku maauuuuuuuuu daun basil ... disini repot kl mo beli basil.

  3. @Sharon: Mauuuu please... What plant is that yg dibiarin idup? :)

    @Vanini: Basilnya nanem dari biji, Van. Musthinya di sana ada Thai Basil ya lebih wangi.

  4. maxie's too cute <3 :) good jobbb ciiii i'm lovin' the garden :)