A Letter to Papa

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Max & daddy

Happy Father's Day, Papa!

Thank you for showing me how to pray, love, and live my life according to God's Words.
People always say that you're so blessed to have a cute boy like me but they should know that I'm the most blessed boy in the whole world to have you as my dad.

You show me how to love a woman by the way you love mama;
You show me how important it is for a man to provide for by getting up early to go to work everyday while mama and me still asleep;
You makes me a better person by disciplining me whenever I do something wrong;
You choose to play and spend time with me instead of watching your favorite games or browsing the internet.
Mama keep telling me that someday she hope I will grow up to be a man like you. I sure wish the same thing too.

I love you, Pa!


  1. Beautiful letter. So touching. I thank God for your family, beautiful.

  2. Awww ..... this is wonderful. Ci Kiki, koq jadi kaya love letter dari Mama ke Papa yah? :-p

  3. Thank you Max! Papa is still in tears even after reading it for the 2nd time :-)

    Thank you Mama for nurturing our son with lots of patience and love every single day.