Cooking & Baking with Kid

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm used to cook with Max since he was one month old. Max loves to watch and be involved whenever I cook or bake. Of course it is easier, faster, and less messy if I do it by myself but I believe having him participate in my daily work encourage him to be helpful plus it exercise his mind and motor skill.

So I let him "help":
Pouring the flour on the scale

It took 15 minutes for him to do it while it probably takes 15 seconds if I do it myself but look at the way he enjoy working on the task. I learn not to look at the clock but look at my kid instead.

When I cook:
He'll stand on this stool and help me stir the dish

When I make breads:
He'll help me knead the dough

And proudly put the one that he made among the rest that mommy made :)

When I make butter cream:
Max will volunteer to clean up the attachment

Thank you for helping mommy, dear!


  1. LOL :) maxie cleaned attachment... love you babyyy <3

  2. I always love to read this hands-on-experiences you always let Max tries.