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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

For Christ's followers: Trust and Obey
For wifes: You Are Your Husband's Helper

For mothers: Atmosphere & Attitude

The last one is so good. I copied and paste part of it below as personal reminder for myself:
The attitude of our hearts will affect the atmosphere of our home which will affect the actions of our children. Children will learn far more from our daily attitude in the home than they will learn from what we teach them! They will forget facts and knowledge, but our attitude and the atmosphere of our home will be indelibly imprinted upon their spirit. It will affect their lives and future generations!

The 7 P's for creating atmosphere:
1. Presence of God. Make your home a place where it's easy for God to dwell.
2. Prayer. "My house will be a house of prayer" Start and end the day with prayer.
3. Patience. Give God room to work on your behalf.
4. Praise. Turn on the worship music, praise the Lord out loud throughout the day.
5. Peace. Don't live by your feelings, live by the truth. Don't speak negatively.
6. Pleasantness. Words have power so fill your home with pleasant words.
7. Purity. Guard against anger, bitterness, jealously. Pay back evil with blessing.

The 7 S's for having a godly attitude:
1. Submissive Attitude. It takes a strong woman to submit. Any 3 year old can stand up for her rights but the strong woman can submit, it's the attitude of Christ.
2. Serving Attitude. When you think "all I do is serve" - that's what Jesus came to do and I have His Spirit within me.
3. Sweet Attitude. Our lips should pour forth the sweetness of the honeycomb.
4. Shepherding Attitude. A shepherd gently leads. See feeding your family as a good work.
5. Sunny Attitude. Laugh, smile! Your children look at you all day and they will look like you. They will become like your countenance. Every time you look at your children SMILE!
6. Soft Attitude. A gentle answer turns away wrath.
7. Sacred Attitude. Everything I do as a mother is a sacred task. Your body is the house of the Holy Spirit.

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