Piano Lesson

Monday, June 28, 2010

Max is blessed with the sweetest, most gentle, kind, and loving piano teacher in the whole wide world: auntie Fonda. Since we don't own a piano, auntie Fonda kindly pick Max up after work and bring him to practice at her place once in a while.

She will then chase the-little-monkey-who-is-trying-to-run-away from practicing all around the house

Sometimes, she even has to bribe the little rascal with cheery or this forbidden drink below before the lesson.

Yum... this tastes so good, auntie. Do you know mommy doesn't allow me to drink this?
Don't worry I won't tell her anything.

Okay... enough playing, eating, and drinking. It's practice time.
Fonda reported that Max is showing a lot of progress .... on his posture :P


  1. hahaha....don't worry, mommy! Max only tasted the box, not the liquid inside =P