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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Max loves ice cream. It's summer time here in the States, so we eat quite a bit of them.
One morning Max asked me, "Mama, acim mau." (= Mama, I want acim)
Mama: "Acim? What's acim?" *confused*
Knowing that mama didn't get what he was trying to say; Max then ran to kitchen, pointing to the fridge while saying, "acim, acim enak" (= acim yummy)
Mama: "Oooo you meant ICE CREAM"

Max is potty trained at home. Instead of saying  he need to poo or pee; he will say "eek" ( Indonesian word for poo). He still pees on the floor once in a while, which makes me say, "Ya ampun..." (= O my goodness)
Now, whenever he's about to pee, he will say, "Mama, eek, ampun."

Safeway Gift Card
We got a $25 Safeway (an American grocery store) giftcard from a friend for Christmas Gift.
We rarely goes to American grocery. We usually goes to Asian grocery store instead, which offer much better price. One day we need to buy garlic bread, so we thought, "Aha now we can use the gift card." I had something to do so Chris headed to the store with Max. After almost an hour or so he came back.
Me: "Whoa.. honey, I thought you only went to buy garlic bread why so much stuff.
Chris, "Well...  I thought since we rarely go there, I better look for other stuffs that we may be able to use to use up the gift card.
Me: "Ooo I see."
Chris: " But you know what, after spending a lot of time looking for items to buy with an active toddler in tow, we got to the cashier, and as I took out the gift card, I realize we were at Lucky not Safeway." 

Defend the Stem Burn!
I'm saving the best for last, click here to read this missionary' story.

May these stories bring smile to you face


  1. Hahahhahahaaa...... I am laughing so hard reading this post! :)

  2. Yg 'ya ampuuun' itu kocak banget!! Bs kebayang deh tuh si maxie lucu yg msh agak cadel2.. ngmng begitu. Ga tahaaan! Gemes mes mes!