They Are Listening & Watching

Thursday, August 19, 2010




One day I was reading my Bible and Max was reading his Bible next to me. He usually points to the animals on the Bible and say their names; or to the action for example: pray, sleep, take a shower, etc. But that morning, he grabbed my arm with one hand, while the other hand pointing at his Bible saying, "Mama Jesus." Tears started to fill my eyes before I replied, "Yes Max-ie that's Jesus!"
Mama pray that you grows up knowing and loving Jesus, dear


Koko's grandma told me this story this afternoon when I visited their home.
His parent's friend named Sarah was initiating a conversation with him. After she told him her name, Koko asked, "Do you know what Sarah means?"
"What" she asked
"Sarah means princess" Koko answered
"How do you know?" she asked
"From the Bible" he answered
All this time Koko was listening to his grandma telling the story to me, he suddenly jumped in the conversation.
"Remember we read it on your Bible during the devotion time, auntie Kiki?"
"Hmmm... I forgot, Ko, but good job for remembering it!" :)


One day I was disciplining Max because he kept refusing to settle down and take a nap. As I hug him and restrain him for moving around, I told him, "Max-ie mama do this because mama loves you. So that you won't grow up to be a bad guy." Suddenly Cici Mei Ik who is watching and listening next to me say, "Like Cain ya auntie Kiki." (We read about Cain a week ago)
"Yes, Mei Ik, like Cain, wow you remember Mei Ik."
"Of course, we read it during bible time, auntie Kiki, don't you remember?" :)

They're watching how we live our lives too and see if we walk the talk.
The other day, Koko refused to pray. He just said that he doesn't have anybody to pray for.
"Ooo.. that's okay, Ko but I want to share with you how God answered your prayers yesterday." I replied. The other day they were praying for me before I went to the dentist. The first doctor said I may need a root canal. However, the other doctor later on decided that the pain that I had been experiencing was not due to a cavity but because I grind at night and had not been wearing my mouth guard. Right after he heard how God answered our prayer, he immediately say, "Auntie Kiki I have a lot of people to pray for." :)


  1. Thank you for sharing, ci Kiki. I am blessed to see how you can pick out these moments out of the busyness you experience everyday =)

  2. TQ aunty Fonda. This afternoon we went to auntie Vonny's house and I was trying to teach Max to say auntie Vonny but every time I say Vo..., he will say "Da"